Application Development

Web, Android & iOS Mobile Apps offering flexibility and choice in app development

Application Development

Intellect Works International builds high quality, Web, Android & iOS Mobile Apps and offers flexibility and choice in app development solutions for our clients.

Intellect Works International offers the following scope in application development:

Mobile Apps: Applications on iOS and Android platform

Web Apps: Applications on variety of web-based existing and emerging technologies

AR/VR Apps: Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) application offer an immersive graphical CG user experience. It can be interactive, immersive and three dimensional accessed through special AR/ VR gear.

UX/UI design & Development

Intellect Works International believes UX/UI holds the key to clear communication between clients and developers. Application’s Visual and Operational flow of the application ensures project goals are marked and a pathway for a non-stop development is laid down at the foundation stage.