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Case Study


Project Name: (Web & Mobile App)
Project Deliverables: Web Application & Mobile Application
Platforms: Web, Android & iOS

Challenge: – 3D Home Planning Services

The brief on Interiofy was about imagining, configuring, visualizing, and reviewing home
products and furniture layouts using a virtual version of your home surroundings before
making any purchasing or re- modeling decisions. Interiofy wanted to position its services
as somewhat of a unique experience for its customers.

The key features for Interiofy were:

  1. In- house design gallery
  2. Design your place via AR
  3. Locate stores nearby
  4. Be spoke design your place
  5. Design your place via AR

The challenge was designing a unique idea which was an expandable, tech based platform
combining E-Commerce & Design Consultancy, boasting a versatile and professional 3D
Design Background Team with a cultural advantage to cultivate Middle Eastern design in
the UK.

The goal was to helps interior designers to improve their productivity and help companies
to speed up the process of designing and reducing the time and cost through Interiofy

The team at Intelligence De Marque knows how to put together a plan based on your business goals. Their team is staffed with very experienced developers, marketers, and designers which leads to high-quality work and results. The entire team has been very flexible and accommodating in taking my business goals ahead and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Batool Anas – Owner, junior-deals


UI/UX, Back-End, Front-End Dev, Graphic Design and augmented reality.

The MVP model to take forward took some sessions to be finalized and the effort required
was a mix of conventional Web 2.0 and emerging tech like Augmented Reality.

The Interiofy Team wanted to establish a Unique Selling Proposition based on the
experience and their clientele in Qatar, Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Egypt.
To become facilitators of design thinking for skilled and unskilled alike through; be known as expert consultants in 3D Interior Designs.

So, the IWI Team took this central idea and divided the project into following features:

  1. In- house design gallery – Indulge in Design Inspirations and pick a designer to
    design your master piece
  2. Bespoke Design your place via AR – Pre-visualizing your dream home through
    Augmented Reality by placing your favorite interior design items before you buy
  3. Locate stores nearby – Turn on the camera and look through to find your favourite
    interior design stores in the UK

These features covered the central idea; Graphic designers, Interior designers looking for a
place to showcase their work, people looking to hire 3D designers, visualizers, artists who
could give shape and life to their dream house or architectural aspirations.

Website & Application Links:


These IWI  Team launched the following deliverables; giving shape and life to the client’s
dream and aspirations.

  1. Web Application
  2. App design – E-Commerce based AR App
  3. Website design
  4. 3D ModelsInteriofy