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Project Name:
Project Deliverables: Web Application & Mobile Application
Platforms: Web, Android & iOS


Client’s vision into reality.
A client’s vision is like a dream. To bring it to the real world, the team had to dive deeper into the foggy areas of the dream; find the form, function and idea and get as close to it as it could. The idea behind Steelofy was to have a junction facilitating job seekers and work finders in Manchester, UK and that too with ease and peace of mind.

As the team went into deeper conversations, it was found that the client’s vision is coming from a mix of emotions, empathy and ground realities.

Emotions – People need solutions for people.
Empathy – People need jobs, they a place where they could find one
Ground Realities – Industry is not a pretty picture, cost effective and efficient solutions are the need of the times

People like trust. It gives them power of confidence to take decisions. The IWI team took this center line and crafted the dream into familiar, real-world actions which people could relate to:

Solutions in your locality (convenience)
Negotiate Live (Feature)
Compare and clarify (Easy decision making)
Set payment terms (Move ahead with confidence)
Track Progress (Stay in the know)

Based on this foundation, the IWI team found the building blocks of several solutions that would make the Steelofy Dream a reality.

Highly skilled, results-driven, receptive and responsive. That’s Intellect Works for you. An impressive team that is sound in its approach and delivery. Their dev team, digital asset management, digital security & maintenance operations prowess sets them apart in the technical arena. We are delighted that the project was looked after so well; delivered above & beyond the brief. We highly recommend IWI to anyone looking for a professional experience.

Sagheer Asghar – Director,


Brand Strategy
IWI took the client onboard and devised a strategy based on the key goals received from the client. The strategy revolved around where we are, goals we need to achieve and how to achieve those goals. The IWI team looked at the local UK Steel Market to find clues into what makes Steelofy a different player in the industry.

The idea was to create a junction where companies of all sizes may find solutions and services provider may find ample and fruitful opportunities to offer their services. The brainstorming generated following core strategy elements for Steelofy Team:

Target market & Personas
Demographics & Psychographics
Brand Positioning
Communication channels
Awareness process and channels

Logo Design
After the initial sessions on the brand insights, IWI’s design team had the challenge to develop a logo which at the same time had to be a name graphic logo for a Steel based service looking to establish a full-service interactive market platform for businesses, technical leads and clients.

A minimalistic identification that is memorable in its look and feel both as a logo and a brand name.

Web Application
The web application revolved around providing solutions in the locality in a simple and easy way. The scope was to start out with Manchester area and then spread out to other cities.
To achieve this, we broke down the user journey into logical steps and then simplified the steps further like a wizard to make the journey a breeze for the users. From Punching in the inquiry and then getting it through the service providers to get the best quotation, negotiating through live chat on terms of contract and setting up milestones are top features of the user journey.

Mobile App
The Mobile App for Steelofy was crafted around the vision of having an extension of Steelofy services available for people on the go so they could do the basics like signup, post an inquiry and see how Steelofy works. User could always switch to the more feature rich version by visiting

Dev Ops

A genuine concern makes its own way to the heart of the matter and the team at IWI ensures we keep our clients off of any surprises. Having set-up the site and internet presence of the brand, the maintenance of the whole project was next in line. We had in-depth sessions with client on the pros and cons of managing the project’s technical aspects on their own.
Certain aspects concerning but not limited to Web Security, Project Management, CI/CD, Application Monitoring, Accounts Management. Payment Gateways, Registration/Renewals and system administration were explained and the client was taken on board to outsource the management of these aspects to stay focused on the business aspects of the brand while IWI Dev/Web Ops team can take care of the technical aspects of the business.

Coordination of IT with the business strategy
Stable and up-to-date software
Enhanced data administration
A wide-ranging collection of tools
Minimum risk of alterations
Prompt discovery of any bugs

Website & Application Links:


Steelofy Site & App Launched.

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