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Junior Deals

Project Name: juniordeals.co.uk
Project Deliverables: Web Application & Mobile Application
Platforms: Web, Android App


Bringing one’s vision to life and making it a reality is one of the greatest feelings one can experience and achieve. junior-deals was a project full of excitement and challenge as it revolves around the children who are the future and true game changers. In developing the concept for junior-deals, our team had one of the most amazing experiences. junior-deals aimed to create an app that teaches children aged up to teenage and, later, beyond in the United Kingdom the importance of wise economic decision-making and safe bartering. The application assists and encourages the children of the United Kingdom to progress, feel responsible, and value their belongings. Moreover, the application will be operated by children under the supervision of parents.

The team at Intellect Works knows how to put together a plan based on your business goals. Their team is staffed with very experienced developers, marketers, and designers which leads to high-quality work and results. The entire team has been very flexible and accommodating in taking my business goals ahead and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Batool Anas – Owner, junior-deals

Decision-making is a vital tool. It helps you to take accountability and make your own decisions and teaches you lessons that last a lifetime. The IWI team took this fundamental principle very and framed the objective in terms of tangible activities that may help grow the young and enthusiastic minds:

Getting onboard has been kept simple.

Create your profile:
Parents are in charge of creating their children’s profiles.

Set-up Junior Profiles:
Junior profiles can be created with parental supervision.

Add Item to Sell/ Barter:
Children can sell items and barter their belongings managed by their parents.

Pay through Points:
Children can earn points on the platform to invest in buying something valuable.

Managed Wallet:
Parents will handle the wallet and add points.

Manage Junior Profiles:
To ensure safety and security, parental permission to sell anything is essential.

Earn Points:
Earn points by selling and bartering smartly

The foundation laid here allowed junior-deals to become a practical possibility.

Challenges and Solution
Throughout the entire project, the team faced distinct challenges. Most were to transform raw business logic into a simplified functionality and a smooth user experience.

Application/ App design:

In application development, you start with a raw concept. Therefore, when the idea of Junior Deals reached our team, it had to pass through various brainstorming sessions.

We transformed the raw form of an idea into business logic.
We then incorporated it into the business process.
We began with the development part after the flow was mutually agreed upon with the client. Two aspects of development exist; the technical part and the front end; business logic covered the technical component, while the front end was the visual.

The goal was to develop a common ground for parents and children to interact effectively. For the children to absorb the experience smoothly, it was vital for parents supervising their children to be familiar with the application and its aims to motivate their children not only for better interaction but also to earn in concrete ways. In addition to teaching children how to utilize the platform, it was as crucial for the project to teach the children how to lead the conversation so that they can learn and develop.

Brand Style across the board:

One of the team’s challenges was bringing the digital image into the physical world.

The IWI team ensured the visuals should convey a consistent look and feel and that it carries a scalable element that could be transformed into new dimensions across brand touch points; say a 3D cutout placed in a JD store allowing for quick affiliation and recognition. People who enter the store could instantly identify with the image on the app. Thus, a way to find fundamental life interactions was highlighted, and digital representations of virtual interactions were achieved.

Relevant Content:

It’s a platform aimed at children under supervision of parental care. This meant that we had to keep it balanced enough that it doesn’t convey a very serious tone either visually or through the written content and we couldn’t be too extreme in terms of content.

We went with a central idea of junior-deals doing its bit in getting back to what matters in human communication right in the roots; a family environment. We kept the communication straightforward to keep it free-flowing and with bright visuals to keep it engaging at the same time. The section visuals would keep the children interested in the user experience while every decision-making bit becomes a recurring process with every deal so they get a grip on the platform.

Appealing visuals:

The primary obstacle was visually displaying things in a way that was pleasing to the eye and simple to grasp.

For junior-deals, we kept a balance with real-world images, lively elements and a bright color palette to keep it visually appealing and position it as an easy-going, free-flowing platform.

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The junior-deals launch has been a success! It is making its mark and growing every passing day. With some engaging social media content and customer engagement, it has the potential to be the go-to platform for children looking to trade and barter their belongings.